About Me

csaba-shepherd2I am Csaba Shepherd – professional  Photographer.  If you are looking for someone who creates amazing photos, has excellent interpersonal skills as well as reliable,  I would love to talk further about partnering with you. I am proud to get great feedback from my customers and models I work with. My photography goes beyond producing a good picture. My skill is an art form with attention to detail, to the point of obsession to achieve ‘perfect’ images for you… I am a professional who delivers on my promises.

Commercial Photography:
What is the purpose of having a professional photographer photograph your business? The answer is simple: To increase your profit!
How can we achieve this purpose?  With my marketing background and more than 15 years’ experience in professional photography, I will work with you to create high impact images that will enhance your business.
I’ll help you pinpoint:
– what pictures your target market is looking for
– which pictures will best interact with your target market
– how to get these pictures

My commitment is to create these images for you, with nothing less than world-class quality. In fact, I do not take any pictures until I am able to realize these statements!

Non-Commercial Photography:
Once you have decided to get a photographer, you would like to get the best.
My belief is you have to be relaxed and happy while your photographer is working for you. My aim is to ensure you get the photos you want, while having fun at the same time.  And I am committed to being punctual!

My customers’ recommendations speak the most about how I work and what you can expect from me.

My Work Flow:
– preparation and planning (before the date of the photo-shoot)
– get the best weather and lighting conditions (specific to the job)
– set up and preparation (onsite)
– photo-shoot (onsite)
– photo-editing (3-4 workdays)
– photos delivered to you (high quality and web quality digital files)
– optional hard copy (paper pictures, albums, etc.) Online system for your comfort – through my website